Bengaluru is the 2nd city most likely to run out of water, says report

12 Feb 2018 10:40 AM | General
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Owing to a combination of climate change, human action, and population growth global demand for fresh water will exceed supply by 40 per cent in 2030, according to reports. A report by BBC based UN-endorsed projections listed 11 countries across the globe likely to run out of drinking water. Karnataka capital, Bengaluru is the only Indian city listed in the report.

The reported cited the growth of real estate developments following the rise of the city as technological hub. And the local officials are struggling to manage the city's water and sewage systems. Also, loss of over half of its drinking water due to antiquated plumbing is one of the reasons for the crisis.

1. Sao Paulo
2. Bangalore
3. Beijing
4. Cairo
5. Jakarta
6. Moscow
7. Istanbul
8. Mexico City
9. London
10. Tokyo
11. Miami

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