Sunny Deol reveals reason behind cold war with SRK

12 Sep 2017 2:48 PM | Entertainment
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Yash Chopra's Darr made Shahrukh Khan a huge star but it did not do any wonders for Sunny Deol, who was the protagonist of the film.

Once, the actor became so upset with Shahrukh Khan and Yash Chopra on the movie's sets that he tore his jeans. Not just that, Sunny never worked with them again. Now, after so many years, he revealed the real reason behind his cold war with King Khan.

Sunny Deol said, ''This is an old issue, Yash Chopra never told me that villain (played by SRK) is going to be glorified in Darr. ''Other than this I don't have any problem with them.''''I always had worked with open heart and I always work with directors believe.''''Many actors don't do that, heroism should be standing on truth."

Sunny Deol had revealed that he got really pissed off when Shahrukh Khan's character tried to kill him in Darr."I was doing the role of a Naval Marine Commando. There was the scene where Shahrukh is attacking me with a knife. I objected saying how could a commando, who is always trained to deal with such attacks, be attacked with a knife, particularly when he is looking at the attacker."

"I had an argument over this with the director (Yash Chopra), he was a veteran, I respect him a lot.''''In sheer anger, I had put both my clenched fists inside the pockets of my jeans, and the pockets burst.''''I was not speaking at all, but I myself could not understand what was happening to me. Some people on the sets fled on seeing my anger.""It's not that I stopped speaking to him. But I do cut off on my own. Normally I hardly attend parties and events. We are colleagues, but we do not have much interaction."

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